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Books reviewed are: Committee on Commemoration of One Hundred Years of Modern Accounting, Japan Accounting Association, One Hundred Years of Modern Accounting Reviewed by Kiyomitsu Arai; F. R. M. De Paula, Developments in Accounting Reviewed by John B. Sperry; J. R. Edwards, Company Legislation and Changing Patterns of Disclosure in British Company Accounts 1900-1940 Reviewed by Michael J. Mepham; Estabon Hernandez Esteve, Enrique Fernandez Pena, Jose MiguelPrado Caballero, and Francisco Esteo Sanchez, Issues in Accountability #7: Spanish Accounting-Past and Present Reviewed by Gary John Previts; Hugh P. Hughes, Goodwill in Accounting: A History of the Issues and Problems Reviewed by Gyan Chandra; Harold Q. Langenderfer, The federal inome Tax: 1861 to 1872 Reviewed by Janice Reeder; Howard F. Stettler, Editor, Auditing Symposium IV: Proceedings of the 1978 Touche Ross/University of Kansas Symposium on Auditing Problems Reviewed by Joyce C. Lambert; Zeff, Stephen A., Editor, Selected Dickinson Lectures in Accounting: 1936-1952 Reviewed by Diana T. Flamholtz



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