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Books reviewed are:Donald R. Adams, Jr., Finance and Enterprise in Early America: A Study of Stephen Girards Bank 1812-1831 Reviewed by Michelle Hamer; Fred Bateman, Editor, Business in the New South: A Historical Perspective (Reviewed by Horace R. Givens; Axel Grandell, The Tally Stick: A neglected bearer of cultural tradition Reviewed by William Baxter; David Green, Jr., Accounting for Corporate Retained Earnings Reviewed by Jackie G. Williams; Edwin Green and Michael Moss, A Business of National Importance: The Royal Mail Shipping Group, 1902-1937 Reviewed by Robert M. Jennings, Sr.; Marshall M. Kirkman, Railway Revenue: A Treatise on the Organization of Railroads and the Collection of Railway Receipts Reviewed by Derek Acland; Maurice Moonitz, Editor, Three Contributions to the Development of Accounting Thought Reviewed by Roger H. Hermanson; Donald R. Nichols and Howard F. Stettler, Editors, Auditing Symposium VI: Proceedings of the 1982 Touche Ross/University of Kansas Symposium on Auditing Problems Reviewed by Jean C. Wyer; Terry K. Sheldahl, Beta Alpha Psi, from Alpha to Omega Reviewed by Walker E. Fesmire; James A. Tinsley, Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants: A History Reviewed by Anthony T. Krzystofik;



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