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Books reviewed are: Frederic William Cronhelm, Double Entry by Single Reviewed by Raymond T. Holmes, Jr.; Lawrence Robert Dicksee, Fraudulent Accounting and Fraud in Accounts Reviewed by William G. Mister; Gadis J. Dillon, The Role of Accounting In The Stock Market Crash of 1929, Research Monograph No. 96. Reviewed by A. L. Roberts; Hans Peter Hain, Uniformity and Diversity. Reviewed by James W. Jones; William Holmes, Linda H. Kistler, and Louis S. Corsini, Three Centuries of Accounting in Massachusetts Reviewed by Terry K. Sheldahl; Gerard van de Linde, Reminiscences Reviewed by O. Ronald Gray; Christopher Columbus Marsh, The Theory and Practice of Bank Bookkeeping, Fourth Edition, Reviewed by Horace R. Givens; Francis W. Pixley, The Profession of A Chartered Accountant Reviewed by Hans V. Johnson



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