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Dissertations abstracted are: An Examination of the Role of Eric Louis Kohler in the Development of the Accounting Profession by Nancy Kay Adams Humma; Abuse of Power: New York City and the Formation of Municipal Law, 1846-1866 by Jeffrey Wood Hoyt; Corporate Institutions, Revolution, and the State: Lille from Louis XIV to Napoleon by Gail Margaret Bossenga; Taxing Heavens Storehouse: The Szechwan Tea Monopoly and the Tsinghai Horse Trade, 1074-1224 by Paul J. Smith; Patronage and Justice in the Pipe Roll of 1130 by Stephanie Lleueen Moders; Merchants, Miners, Moneylenders: The Habilitacion System in the Norte Chico, Chile: 1780-1850 by Steven Saul Volk; Industriarbetarklassens formering. Arbete och teknisk forandring vid tre svenska fabriker under 1800-talet (The Formation of the Industrial Working Class. Late 19th Century Labour and Technical Change at Three Swedish Factories) by B. A. Berglund; Corporate and Urban Contexts of Textile Technology in Nineteenth-century Lowell, Massachusetts: A Study of the Social Nature of Technological Knowledge ) by Steven David Lubar



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