Patti A. Mills

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Books reviewed are: R. Dan Brumbaugh, Jr., Thrifts Under Siege. Paul Zane Pilzer, Other Peoples Money. Stephen Pizzo, Mary Flicker, and Paul Muolo, Inside Job: The Looting of Americas Savings and Loans. A Review Essay: The Savings and Loan Crisis by James Schaefer; Edward I. Altman, The Prediction of Corporate Bankruptcy: A Discriminant Analysis Reviewed by Ahmed El-Zayaty; Hugh M. Coombs and J.R. Edwards (Eds), Accountability of Local Authorities in England and Wales 1831-1935 Reviewed by R. H. Jones; J.R. Edwards (Ed)., Legal Regulation of British Company Accounts 1836-1900. Reviewed by Bruce La Rochelle; Max Holland, When the Machine Stopped (A Cautionary Tale from Industrial America) Reviewed by Patti A. Mills; Selden R. Hopkins (Ed.), The Book-keeper and the American Counting Room, Reviewed by Gary John Previts; Luca Pacioli, Unsung Hero of the Renaissance Reviewed by Victoria Beard; McCraw, Thomas ed., Regulation in Perspective: Historical Essays Reviewed by Geofrey T. Mills; Lee D. Parker (Ed.), Financial Reporting to Employees: Front Past to Present Reviewed by Anne Loft; Robert H. Parker (Ed.), Accounting in Australia : Historical Essays Reviewed by Hekinus Manao; Relevance Rediscovered (An anthology of 25 significant articles from the NACA Bulletins and Yearbooks 1919-1929). Selected by Richard Vangermeersch. Reviewed by Lamont F. Steedle



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