Patti A. Mills

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Books reviewed are: Peter Boys and John Freear, Accounting History 1976-1986 Reviewed by Sudarwan; Junichi Chiba, A History of British Financial Accounting Reviewed by Yozo Sakaguchi; Louis Galambos and Joseph Pratt, The Rise of the Corporate Commonwealth Reviewed by Nandini Chandar; Yuji Ijiri and Rona A. Watts, Bill and Ruth Cooper and their Firends Reviewed by Rodney K. Rogers; R.H. Jones, The History of the Financial Control Function of Local Government Accounting in the United Kingdom Reviewed by Leon Hay; Richard Mattessich, Modern Accounting Research: History, Survey, and Guide Reviewed by Stephen J. Young; John T.S. Melzer, Bastion of Commerce in the City of Kings: The Consulado de Commercio de Lima 1593-1877 Reviewed by Stephen F. Laribee; Lee D. Parker and O. Finley Graves, Methodology and Method in History: A Bibliography Reviewed by Michael J.R. Gaffikin; Denise Schmandt-Besserat, Before Writing, Volume I, From Counting to Cuneiform Reviewed by Cidgem Solas; Richard Vangermeersch, Relevance Rediscovered, Volume III Reviewed by Lamont F. Steedle; S.A. Zeff, F. VanderWel, and C. Camfferman, Company Financial Reporting: A Historical and Comparative Study of the Dutch Regulatory Process Reviewed by Kathleen E. Sinning



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