Victoria Beard

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Boorks reviewed are: Margaret Hoskins, Mary E. Murphy's Contributions to Accountancy Reviewed by Leslie S. Oakes; G. H. Lawson, Ed., Studies in Cash Flow Accounting and Analysis (Aspects of the Interface between Managerial Planning, Reporting and Control and External Performance Measurement) Reviewed by Kathryn A. S. Lancaster; Robert K. Mautz, Financial Reporting for Nonprofit Organizations: A Fresh Look Reviewed by Denise Nitterhouse; Grant U. Meyers and Erwin S. Koval, Proud of the Past: 75 Years of Excellence Through Leadership 1919-1994, Reviewed by Richard Vangermeersch; R.H. Parker and B.S. Yamey, Eds., Accounting History: Some British Contributions Reviewed by Jeremy Cripps; Chris Poullaos, Making the Australian Chartered Accountant Reviewed by Moyra J. Kedslie; Joyce M. Szabo, Howling Wolf and the History of Ledger Art, Reviewed by Basil S. Yamey



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