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Books reviewed are: W. T. Baxter, Accounting Theory Reviewed by Jeanette M. Sanfilippo; Michael Chatfield and Richard Vangermeersch, Eds., The History of Accounting: An International Encyclopedia Reviewed by Michael Gaffikin; Edward N. Coffman and Daniel L. Jensen, Eds., T. Coleman Andrews: A Collection of His Writings Reviewed by Robert Bloom; T.A. Lee, A. Bishop and R.H. Parker, Eds., Accounting History From the Renaissance to the Present: A Remembrance of Luca Pacioli Reviewed by Kathleen Cooper; Ahmed Riahi-Belkaoui, Accounting, a Multiparadigmatic Science Reviewed by Nola Buhr; Terry K. Sheldahl, Ed., Eighteenth-Century Book-keeping: Twelve Encyclopedia Articles Reviewed by Robert Williams.



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