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Books reviewed are: Stephen A. Zeff, (ed.), Asset Appreciation, Business Income and Price-Level Accounting: 1918-1935 Reviewed by Louis Goldberg; The Chartered Accountant in Australia, Golden Jubilee Issue Reviewed by Robert H. Raymond; Rex Winebury, Thomson McLintock and Co. - The First Hundred Years Reviewed by J. C. Lehane; Bryce Lyon and A. E. Verhulst, Medieval Finance: A Comparison of Financial lnstitutions in Northwestern Europe Reviewed by Ernest Enke; Christiane Pierard, Les Plus Anciens Comptes De La Ville De Mons (1279-1356). Tome 1 Reviewed by Frederic M. Stiner, Jr.; Osamu Kojima, Studies in the Historical Materials of Accounting Reviewed by Kohhei Yamada; Reviewed by Kohhei Yamada Reviewed by Rosita S. Chen; Francis E. Hyde, Cunard and the North Atlantic 1840-1973, A History of Shipping and Financial Management Reviewed by Maureen H. Berry; Alfred Robert Roberts, Robert H. Montgomery: A Pioneer Leader of American Accounting Reviewed by Dale A. Buckmaster.



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