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Dissertations abstracted are: A Technical and Business Revolution: American Woolens to 1832 by Elizabeth Hitz; The Financial Panic of 1857: Two Monetary Approaches to the Economic History of the United States, 1842-59 by Edmundo Olvera Acosta; An Historical Analysis of the Events Leading to the Establishment of the Investment Tax Credit and Its Modification Through June 30, 1977 by Clyde Lee Posey; Capital Formation and the Investment Tax Credit: An Empirical Study , by Haroldene Fowler Wunder; Social Responsibility: Organizational Policy Evaluative Criteria with California Savings and Loan Field Test Case Study ) by Dolores Ann Barsellotti; One University's Budget: The Study of Personnel Allocations to Academic Departments by Allen Gerald Schick; The Significance of Organizational Conflict on the Legislative Evolution of the Accounting Profession in the United States by Myron Samuel Lubell.



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