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Berry, Maureen Helena, 1927-

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Dissertations abstracted are: Money and Clientship in the Ancient Irish Laws by Marilyn Eleanor Gerriets; The Use of Accounting Records of the Harden General Store 1860-1900 to Study Price Fluctuations, Barter and Changes in Consumption by Bobby Eugene Smiley; The Impact of the American Civil War on the Pattern of International Trade and on the British Money Market by William Wesley Nye; Foreign Trade, Foreign Capital and the Peripheralization of the Ottoman Empire, 1830-1913 by Sevket Pamuk; The Impacts of the Multinational Oil Corporations on Nigeria's Economic Growth: Theoretical and Empirical Explorations by Christian `Dare Odofin; he Role of Investment Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation in Stimulating More Investment: The U.S.A. Case and Its Implications to the Libyan Income Tax System by Mohamed Abdalla Bait-Elmal; An Analysis of the Rural Banking System in the Philippines) by C. S. Sarmago.



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