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You can readily understand that when your members consist of small, large and medium sized plants, the cost system must of necessity be based on a plan acceptable to both the smallest and the largest operator. In order to accomplish this we have outlined in this manual what we call the "Minimum Necessity Plan" which we feel should be adopted by all the operators regardless of size. For the larger operators we have suggested certain increments to be added to this Minimum Necessity Plan as they see fit. We have tried to make the Minimum Necessity Plan as simple as possible commensurate with certain principles of accounting and cost work which every business should have regardless of size and nature. Also we advocate that the operators install the Minimum Necessity Plan in all its phases. It is possible that a cost system, for example, can be operated without a complete tie-in with the financial books. This is not good practice, however, as the costs that you would receive could in no way be checked up as to accuracy. In other words, the costs which you would obtain might or might not equal the total expenditures for the period. In order to insure costs being accurate we suggest that they be tied in completely as outlined with the general accounting scheme. This is only good practice.

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Originally published by: American Association of Wholesale Opticians



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