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M.S. in Engineering Science


Geology and Geological Engineering

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Louis G. Zachos

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Greg Easson

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Brian Platt

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The Deepwater Wilcox trend covers more than 34,000 mi2, extending from the northwestern block, Alaminos Canyon, to Keathley Canyon, and to the north-central block, Walker Ridge. The Wilcox trend is widely studied in the oil and gas industry as it has significant proven hydrocarbons, but has considerable economic challenges due to the reservoir characteristics. The purpose of this study is to provide a regional study of the Wilcox reservoir economics and quality. Great white field is the most successful Wilcox field located in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico and Jack and St. Malo are the most successful Wilcox fields located in the north-central Gulf of Mexico. This research conducts a detailed field study of great white field by gathering and interpreting well logs, core analysis, sequence stratigraphy, and interpretation of 3D seismic surveys, with generation of a cross section and structure, amplitude, and isopach maps, as well as, reserve calculations. These results are then compared to the literature on jack and St. Malo fields to provide an evaluation of regional reservoir characteristic variations. There is potential for economic gain in both areas, but well placement is critical to maximizing rock quality with the best locations being high on structure.


Emphasis: Geology



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