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M.A. in Journalism

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Samir Husni

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Charles Mitchell

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Joseph B. Atkins

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Print newspapers in the 21st century America exist in a diverse media landscape. Radio, television and online media all compete with newspapers to reach news consumers. With 24-hour cable news and the widespread adoption of the internet, information is available to viewers and readers anytime and anywhere. Much of that information is available free of charge. Traditionally, advertising revenue has carried the costs of print news production. But as the media pie gets cut smaller and smaller, that traditional model is failing to support print newspapers. In the five years since 2010, America has seen a net loss of 331 newspapers and net drop in total circulation of 7,863,760. At a time when media analysts have said the era of printing ink on dead trees is over, this study looks at how one small town community weekly newspaper continues to operate in a complex media world. Small town news outlets are insulated from some of the pressures faced by larger daily papers. By providing relentlessly local content and keeping expenses low, the Pass Christian gazebo gazette, which began publication in 2006 and survived the economic downturn of 2008, continues to post profits year after year.


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