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M.A. in Anthropology

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Kate Centellas

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Robbie Ethridge

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Kirsten Dellinger

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In this study, I examine what education as development means for the men and women who live in Hossana town, Ethiopia. The ethnographic focus of this study is on understanding how education as development evokes different meanings for socio-political participation by rural students at a teacher training college and townspeople respectively. I discuss these conceptual differentiations in relation to the changes in beliefs and strategies that have occurred in Hossana and greater Ethiopia elsewhere over the course of several decades of local and global changes in the social order. I use the emic category of yilhunnta, as the social recognition of kinship, and how it is used and expanded by actors along rural/urban, and gender divisions for evoking, critiquing, and tailoring the socio-political premises of development to local concern. As a prelude to the discussion of the chapters that follow, delineating yilhunnta and how it relates to differentiating local concerns about development and explaining my theoretical and methodological approach to this study.



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