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M.S. in Engineering Science


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Jeffrey A. Roux

Second Advisor

Tejas Pandya

Third Advisor

Erik Hurlen

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The supersonic combustion ramjet or scramjet, is the most suitable engine cycle for sustained hypersonic flight in the atmosphere. The present work deals with the performance of a scramjet engine by parametrically analyzing the performance of the ideal scramjet using the engine parameters: specific thrust, fuel-to-air ratio, thrust specific fuel consumption, thermal efficiency, propulsive efficiency, overall efficiency and thrust flux. The objective of the work is to determine the desirable performance terms of the ideal scramjet, by varying three different candidate fuels and three different candidate materials for the combustion chamber. The engine parameters are related by the lower heating value (hpr) of the fuel and the maximum service temperature (tmax) of the material. This convenient mathematical equations are development for ideal scramjet performance. The knowledge offered on this work has not been achieved by using others within the scientific literature.


Emphasis: Mechanical Engineering



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