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M.A. in Modern Languages


Modern Languages

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Christopher Sapp

Second Advisor

Zhini Zeng

Third Advisor

Vance Schaefer

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The current thesis investigates the acquisition of Chinese wh-questions by English l2 learners based on the syntactic differences between the two languages. I seek to find out how well do the l2 learners acquire the wh-questions, as measured by a grammaticality judgment task; what wh-words tend to pose difficulties for the acceptability of l2 learners; if l2 learners able to acquire the native-like word order of wh-questions in Chinese; if the results of the initial l2 learners in line with any hypotheses of the initial state. Through the analysis of the results, I will conclude that l1 English learners of l2 Chinese at the initial state fully transfer the features of wh-questions, while non-initial students are able to acquire wh-in situ feature with some types of wh-questions, in line with Schwartz & Sprouse's (1994, 1996) full transfer full access hypothesis.


Emphasis: Languages, Specialization: German



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