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Ditch Row Ballot of Characters In Daviess County, Kentucky, the Ohio River's ancient bank separates the people living in Owensboro. Those drowning in the plasmatic shallows, in the flood plains of the city, are a vigilant, tribal array of religions and mysticism. The closer a community comes to the actual banks of the river, the more enflamed characters of families become. As most places in Kentucky associate themselves with distinct counties--never being from a city--the people inside Daviess County align on streets. They Burn You They Bury You They Pull You from the Water, is the phoenix of one family from Grecian Street categorized as a ditch row clan, crucifying its matriarch to find a newer, promising story. Here, you will find them full of momentum toward a life unfettered to the stories, numerous, and stalking them all. [CLAN SHOCK] n, the effect of being born into [this]. BLOODGOODBABE: who you must understand is the Jesus turning over tables and sleeping with the hooker--matriarch, mother of the WorldSplitter, leader of holy rollers, general diamond of this rough. = WORLDSPLITTER: mother of the ShallowGraveDigger, wife of the BurstingMan. Full of regret and shame and hatred for the BloodGoodBabe. + DEEPGRAVEDIGGER: carnie that knocked up the WorldSplitter and robbed a liquor store and went to jail. = SHALLOWGRAVEDIGGER: son of the WorldSplitter, witness to several murders, knocked up his cousin and accepted his orphan fate. then there is... BURSTINGMAN: motherfucker who saves his own day and gives the WorldSplitter a new life minus her son. HUFFnTUFF: best friend of the ShallowGraveDigger. N'TASSY: hangs around the Grecian Street clan, will be pregnant herself one day.

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