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M.F.A. in Creative Writing



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Jay D. Watson

Second Advisor

Mary Hayes

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Jack Pendarvis

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Jolee Wilese is a young college student struggling to reconcile her life experiences in two different worlds: the world of a college community in the city of Babel, to which she commutes daily, and the world of her home community in a rural area of northern Mississippi. Past and present collide as she explores events and ideologies which have shaped her own identity and the identities of those around her, particularly her father who works in the city, farms at home, struggles with alcoholism and fears the nearness of an apocalyptic era. As the story unfolds, Jolee finds herself torn between two opposing worldviews--the worldview embodied by her home and community, and the worldview she finds herself immersed in as she works and attends school "in town." Through a series of events both within and outside of her control, she faces a decision that may alter the course of her life.



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