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M.A. in Modern Languages


Modern Languages

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Allison Burkette

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Vance K. Schaefer

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Felice Coles

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The current study seeks to answer the questions of how and why bilinguals code switch as this are the essential questions that need to be addressed when looking at linguistic patterns of bilinguals. This study also incorporates stance, as a great tool for analysis of ways in which we can predict motivations for CS in bilinguals. In an endeavor to explain the language patterns in English-Swahili bilinguals in Memphis and Tallahassee Florida in the United States of America. The following study address how and why bilinguals code switch, and how different stance taking measures brings out the speaker identities. The study mainly focuses on the intersection between CS, stance and identity to attempt to give an explanation of CS behavior in bilinguals. Three hours of recorded conversations was used for the study. Subsequent to conversational analysis the study addresses how and why people code switch and kind of stances bilinguals take up to construct their identities. From the study it was found out that bilinguals use situational and metaphorical switching to exhibit how they switch and they switch for purposes of quotations, solidarity and to communicate culturally specific information. On the other hand, further results indicate that CS and stance taking are linguistic practices that enable speakers to construct, reconstruct and negotiate their temporary and permanent identities.


Emphasis: Applied Linguistics and TESOL

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