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M.S. in Engineering Science


Geology and Geological Engineering

First Advisor

Adnan Aydin

Second Advisor

Joel S. Kuszmaul

Third Advisor

Louis G. Zachos

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The aim of this thesis is to propose a new methodology of quantifying the rock discontinuity condition of roughness through the physically based modeling approach of signal analysis. The development of this method came about after investigation into the use of qualitative categorizations of roughness from the RMR rating system within rock engineering system matrices. In an attempt to assign significant values to these generalized qualitative descriptions, the standard joint roughness coefficient (JRC) profiles were initially examined through basic measurements, such as aperture and ramp angle. Following these initial measurements and identification of inconsistencies in the wave parameters of the ten standard JRC profiles, further statistical analysis was carried out on the profiles for the purposes of both clarifying the selection and ranking of these profiles as well as finding a consistent method of JRC calculation. Based on conclusions formed from statistical analysis, signal analysis was performed on the ten standard profiles by applying the fast Fourier transform algorithm. The results from this signal analysis allofor the comparison of profiles through the straightforward wave parameters of wavelength and amplitude and provided a basis for the development of a methodology utilizing these parameters in the evaluation of the roughness of discontinuity profiles and the calculation of JRC.


Emphasis: Geological Engineering



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