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M.S. in Engineering Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Jagdish P. Sharma

Second Advisor

Farhad Farzbod

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Arunachalam Rajendran

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PZT is a promising piezoelectric ceramic material which has a wide range of applications in a variety of fields such as acoustic sensors and transducers, electrical switches, medical instrumentation, artificial sensitive skin in robotics, automotive detection on roads, nondestructive testing , structural health monitoring and as a biocompatible material. In this research a cantilever based multi energy harvester was developed to maximize the power output of PZT sensor. Nano mixtures containing graphene, ferrofluid nanoparticle (FNP) and ZnO nano particles were used to enhance the piezoelectric and photovoltaic output of the sensor. The samples were tested under different energy conditions to observe the behavior of nano coated PZT film under multi energyconditions (vibration and light). Composition of the ZnO and FNP was changed by weight in order to achieve the optimal composition of the nano mixture. Light energy, vibration energy, combined effect of light and vibration energy were used to explore the behavior of the sensor. The sensor with 1% Epoxy, 40% ZnO and 59% FNP achieved a maximum power output of 9404.28 μWatt/sec with vibration only from 65-400Hz. The sensor with 1% Epoxy, 5% graphene 40% ZnO and 54% FNP achieved a maximum power output of 13279.23 μWatt/sec when under the combined effect of light (3780 lumens) and vibrationenergy (65-400Hz). This was nearly 3 times more power output than the pure PZT sensor.



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