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Ph.D. in Biological Science



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Bradley Jones

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Michael Mossing

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Brice P. Noonan

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During development, cells of the nervous system begin as unspecified precursors and proceed along one of two developmental paths to become either neurons or glia. I seek to understand more about the genes that control this process, focusing on the lesser understood of the cell types, glial cells. Using Drosophila melanogaster as a model system, previous work from my lab and others has established the role of the master regulatory transcription factor Gcm in directing neuronal precursor cells to assume a lateral glial fate. Gcm acts on many target genes, one of which is reversed polarity (repo). repo is necessary for proper glial cell differentiation; once activated, its expression is maintained throughout the life of the fly through currently unknown mechanisms. I propose that repo expression is maintained in an autoregulatory manner, whereby Repo protein acts as a transcription factor on its own regulatory DNA sequence. Three canonical Repo binding sites (RBSs) are located within the 4.3 kb repo cis-regulatory DNA (CRD). Using both S2 cell culture and in vivo expression systems, I have evidence that suggests Repo protein interacts strongly with one of these sites, designated RBS1, to induce the expression of reporter genes. Mutagenesis of RBS1 results in a significant decrease of reporter gene expression in both systems, while RBS2 and RBS3 appear to have no role in autoregulation of repo expression.

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