Electronic Theses and Dissertations


An Analysis of Daily Newspapers in Mississippi That Charge for Online Content


David Hopper

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

M.A. in Journalism

First Advisor

Samir Husni

Second Advisor

Joe Atkins

Third Advisor

Mark K. Dolan


This thesis examines seven daily newspapers in Mississippi that charge for content on their websites. The papers analyzed include the Vicksburg Post, Greenwood Commonwealth, Columbus Dispatch, Starkville Daily News, Daily Times Leader, Sun Herald and Oxford Eagle. The thesis discusses the pay models used by each paper's website, the reasons for switching to a pay site from a free site and the results received thus far. Numbers include the number of online subscribers and the number of hits to each website. The national debate over paid versus free content is discussed. Literature on the subject is reviewed.

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