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Ph.D. in Mathematics



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Qingying Bu

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James Cizdziel

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Micah B. Milinovich

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In this dissertation, we investigate diagonals of tensor products of Banach lattices with bases. We first consider questions on the positive tensor products of l_p spaces. We characterize the main diagonals of the positive projective tensor product and the positive injective tensor product of l_p space. Then by using these two main diagonals, we characterize the reflexivity, the property of being Kantorovich - Banach spaces, and the property of being order continuous of n-fold positive projective and positive injective tensor products of l_p spaces. Next, we consider the diagonals of injective tensor product of Banach lattices with bases. Let E be a Banach lattice with a 1-unconditional basis. We first introduce four main diagonal spaces of Banach lattice E and we show that these four main diagonal spaces are pairwise isometrically isomorphic by using the 1-unconditionality of the tensor diagonal. We also show that the tensor diagonal is a 1-unconditional basic sequence in both n-fold injective and n-fold symmetric injective tensor product of Banach lattice E.

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