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Allan Bellman

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Tom Brady

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Renee Cunningham

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This study examined how much feedback students received in the flipped high school science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) classroom. The flipped classroom is a pedagogical technique where students watch video instruction at home and complete collaborative activities in class. This technique has gained popularity in recent years, especially in STEM classrooms. The literature on the flipped classroom is inconclusive, with studies mainly conducted in higher education. Student and instructor perceptions were often studied, and those perceptions are generally positive about the flipped classroom, though there are concerns to consider. Student performance shows that the flipped classroom is at least not detrimental and may increase performance. Many studies mention that the flipped classroom increases interactions in the classroom, but most studies have not measured these interactions. This instructional model seems like a worthwhile approach to continue studying, especially in the high school classroom where less research has been conducted. This study counted and timed feedback interactions in the flipped and traditional classroom. Student and teacher perceptions were also studied, with a focus on perceptions about feedback. While the quantitative results were inconclusive, the flipped classroom has potential to increase student-student feedback, but teacher-student feedback seems to have more to do with the tasks and/or method of instruction in class. Students seemed to prefer the teacher-student interactions in the traditional classroom, but recognized that student-student interactions were improved in the flipped classroom. Future study is needed to determine what types of tasks and instruction affect feedback in the classroom.

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