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Ed.D. in Education


Teacher Education

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Allan Bellman

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Tom Brady

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Renee Cunningham

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This study investigated the possible impact that incorporating daily metacognitive questioning in a mathematics classroom could have on student achievement. The study integrated metacognition into the classroom through the daily use of metacognitive questioning sheets that were answered by students who participated in the research study. The study also explored patterns that emerged from the students’ individual responses on the metacognitive sheets using qualitative coding and analyses. Two classes of heterogeneously grouped high school dual-credit college algebra students were taught the same curriculum by the same teacher and given the same summative assessments during the study. One class received the metacognitive questioning sheets daily for two units, and one class received the questioning sheets for only one unit. The results indicated that there was a statistically significant difference between the two classes on one of the summative assessments at the conclusion of the study. Analyzing the individual students’ metacognitive sheets revealed compatterns among the students such as self-assessing during learning, self-confidence in their learning, and transparency about their misunderstandings and lack of knowledge. While there may not have been a significant difference among the students’ scores in each of the two classes using an ANOVA and paired samples t-tests, there was still evidence that students’ thinking and clearly describing where they were in their own learning had a positive impact on their achievement.



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