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Ph.D. in Physics


Physics and Astronomy

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Emanuele Berti

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Kevin Beach

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Luca Bombelli

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We use the Teukolsky formalism to calculate the gravitational radiation from a non-axi\-symmetric cloud formed due to superradiant amplification of a spin-0 bosonic field. We focus on the prospects of the future space-based gravitational wave detector, Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), and the current version of ground-based detector, Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (AdLIGO), to detect or constrain scalars with mass in the range $m_s\in [10^{-19},10^{-15}]$ eV and $m_s\in[10^{-14},10^{-11}]$ eV, respectively. Using astrophysical models of black hole populations calibrated to observations we find that, in optimistic scenarios, AdLIGO could detect up to $10^4$ resolvable events in a four-year search if $m_s\sim3\times10^{-13}$~eV, and LISA could detect up to $10^3$ resolvable events in a four-year search if $m_s\sim10^{-17}$~eV.

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