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Ed.D. in Education


Leadership and Counselor Education

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Dennis A. Bunch

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Jill Cabrera

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Michael Cormack

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This action research study investigates the problem of disproportionate male discipline at LTES, specifically through the implementation of the PBIS program. Both quantitative and qualitative data provide a thorough explanation of student misbehaviors and discipline reporting practices at LTES. Through the utilization of teacher surveys, interviews, descriptive statistics, and anecdotal notes, the researcher presents findings which provide hope for improving male student behavior and discipline reporting practices. The study focuses on answering the overarching question, did the action plan result in a 20% decrease of male student discipline referrals within the first year of implementation? To answer this question a school leadership team was formed, teacher surveys and teacher interviews were conducted, a focus group meeting was held, classroom observations were conducted, and target year discipline data was collected. Findings revealed no statistically significant difference in male discipline data after PBIS program implementation. Qualitative findings reveal promising suggestions for further study. Male students have a greater chance of success in the educational environment when male mentors are provided as support. Teacher training in behavior management, building relationships, and cultural understanding is essential in male student success. Lastly, extracurricular activities provide male students with the opportunity to create a more positive school culture and experience.



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