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M.S. in Engineering Science


Geology and Geological Engineering

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Greg Easson

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Brian Platt

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Louis G. Zachos

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Following Lion Oil’s drilling of the Sowell #1, Lower Cretaceous step-out drilling in Pelahatchie Field has led to the establishment of Mooringsport, Paluxy, Rodessa, Sligo, and Hosston oil and gas condensate production along the flanks and crest of a salt feature within Rankin County, Mississippi. Exploration of salt features has been intermittent throughout Mississippi, but has shifted from targeting pay zones along the crests of domal and piercement salt features in the 1940s, to targeting reserves along the flanks of these features in the 1970s. The dominant structural feature in Pelahatchie Field is an elongate north-south-trending salt ridge. Results of this study suggest that combination traps predominate. The Glen Rose Subgroup in southern Rankin County transitions from upper shoreface to the south of the study area, to estuarine tidal flats in a more restrictive environment within Pelahatchie Field. The discovery of a channel within the lower Rodessa Formation records a short period of fluvial deposition. A more clear definition of paleo-depositional environments in association with structural and stratigraphic controls on production are important to the continued oil and gas exploration of salt dome plays in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin.

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