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M.A. in Anthropology


Sociology and Anthropology

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Jay K. Johnson

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Tony Boudreaux

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Robbie Ethridge

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Site 22LA516, known as Hurricane Landing, is a single mound early Mississippian site located in the middle of Sardis Lake, Lafayette County, Mississippi. As part of a 2015 joint salvage archaeology project between the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) and the Vicksburg District Corp of Engineers, nine pit features were excavated. Analyses of the ceramics and lithic remains recovered from the features, combined with AMS dates, were conducted with the focus of better understanding Hurricane Landing within its North Central Hills region of Mississippi. Hurricane Landing’s 2015 excavation ceramic collection contains shell tempered and grog tempered plainware with several shell tempered decorated types and no grog tempered decorated types. Analysis of the lithics recovered indicates Hurricane Landing imported Citronelle and Ft. Payne Chert with long trajectory Citronelle production and short trajectory Ft. Payne production. Settlement data for the North Central Hills indicate a population shift to downriver floodplains in the early Mississippian. The results of the ceramic and lithic analyses coupled with the AMS dating, indicate that the pit features were filled from around AD 1165 to roughly AD 1295, strongly suggest that Hurricane Landing is a transitional Mississippian site.

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