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M.S. in Food and Nutrition Services

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Laurel Lambert

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Kathy Knight


University of Mississippi

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Findings from this study can assist MDE-OCN in future updates of the MRS Guide. MRS is an excellent resource for CNP professionals and can be used by other state child nutrition programs as a guide when developing or updating their own menu planning tools and training resources. The Mississippi Department of Education Office of Child Nutrition (MDE OCN) has been assisting child nutrition programs with meeting the nutritional needs of the students since 2000. The Mississippi Recipes for Success (MRS) guide is the latest recipe database developed and updated by MDE-OCN. This guide contains a database that is comprised of sets of recipes with nutrient analysis and other online resources that range from menu matrixes to food safety guidelines. A study was conducted with district-level child nutrition program (CNP) directors in Mississippi and their level evaluation of the MRS Guide (Bell et al. 2017). The aim of this study was to further investigate the MRS Guide with school-level CNP managers. Usage satisfaction importance and helpfulness were examined and compared to district-level CNP directors’ responses. Using previously validated questions a web-based survey platform that consisted of Likert scales multiple choice and an open-ended question was used. There were 166 respondents from school districts across the state of Mississippi. Ratings displayed high usage satisfaction importance and helpfulness of MRS Guide features. School-level CNP managers revealed use of the printed (n=148) and online (n=117) formats of the MRS Guide and software (n=132) for the MRS Guide.

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