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M.A. in English

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Leigh Anne Duck

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Kathryn McKee


University of Mississippi

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This collection begins with the premise that colonial relationships manifest in ways beyond exploitation of one nation by another. It relies on the decolonial theory of Walter D. Mignolo in its assumption that imbalances of power in the realms of race gender sexuality and class are fundamentally colonial. With this more expansive understanding of coloniality in mind I examine resistance to colonial exploitation in a range of texts from across the Americas. The first essay in this collection explores the role of the guinea pig in Andean food culture arguing that the continued consumption of guinea pig represents a form of decolonial resistance. The second paper examines the allegory of US imperialism within María Amparo Ruiz de Burton’s novel Who Would Have Thought It?. The third essay scrutinizes solidarity-building in Alfonso Cuarón’s 2019 film Roma. Ultimately this collection argues that an expanded definition of decolonial work is necessary to challenge the expansiveness of colonial thinking.



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