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M.F.A. in Art

First Advisor

Durant Thompson

Second Advisor

Brooke White

Third Advisor

Virginia Rougon Chavis


University of Mississippi

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I make objects that are the result of an exploration of material, form, surface and craft that elevate commonly seen elements found within both natural and industrial landscapes. Through the use of recycled materials and newly fabricated, industrial elements, I accentuate the inherent qualities of the materials to reflect the history and beauty of the objects in newly re-imagined compositions. The work intends to create universal connections with a wide demographic of viewers through the utilization and augmentation of elements that we see every day, yet easily ignore or pass off as industrial refuse. The forms used in the final compositions reference structures, and periods of time, that we are all indelibly tied to. The works, much like the structures allude to the act of their former creation and eventual degradation. Through this body of work, I present the viewer with remnants of how our day to day lives are laced with industrial elements, and how our memories are shaped by our interactions with them in the environment. The interplay between natural and human made structures, along with the way we unconsciously interact with them, provokes me to explore my relationship with them. By bringing such overlooked objects into a fine art prospective, I impart this same feeling of intrigue within these objects onto the viewer.



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