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M.F.A. in Art

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Matt Long

Second Advisor

Andrew McIntyre

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Kris Belden-Adams


University of Mississippi

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In a time when isolation has become the status quo, Daily Rhythms stands as a reminder of the power of human connection. Through careful composition and grouping, the utilitarian pottery in this show suggests that users allow themselves to connect - with objects, with meals, and with company. Formally, the functional ceramics of Daily Rhythms balance strength and grace, curve and angle, stasis and movement. Decoration is minimal and textural, comprised of gestural marks made in the wet clay. Possessing a directional and rhythmic energy, the marks are a visceral record of the process of making. They offer a reminder that another human has reached out through material to serve, support, and enrich your daily life. Matte glaze surfaces amplify underlying textures through dynamic strata of color and finish. Groupings of pots work to evoke the social interactions that unfold around a shared meal. With dynamic surfaces and forms that explore subtle implied meanings, Daily Rhythms is meant to be slowly contemplated, not rapidly consumed. Serving steadfastly, these works are made to be lifelong companions. In an era of ever accelerating consumption, when our experiences are growing more ephemeral, solitary, and disposable I am committed to objects that feel solid in their physicality. As utilitarian objects, I hope that they can bring a sense of humanity and character to user’s intimate daily rhythms.


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