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M.A. in Journalism

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Iveta Imre

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Kristen A. Swain

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Joseph B. Atkins


University of Mississippi

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The Bangladesh parliamentary election of 2018 was a significant political event in the South Asian region, and the news was covered across the world. After the abolition of the provision of parliamentary election under the non-partisan caretaker government from the constitution of Bangladesh, it was the first election in Bangladesh in which all opposition parties participated under a party government. This study examines how media from three different countries framed the issues of the election. These systematic and quantitative content analyses of three newspapers and online resources from the countries Bangladesh, India, and Britain examined how the media framed their election-related news, as well as differences across the countries' newspaper coverage. The study finds that election conspiracy, intimidation, and conflict were the dominant frames throughout the coverage on Bangladeshi and British media. Indian media overlooked intimidation and conflict news but emphasized game and economic frames. The results indicate that when media covers a national election in another country, they give priority to the national policy of the country. In addition, the nationality of journalists also plays a significant role in the framing process.

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