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Ph.D. in Physics

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Alakabha Datta

Second Advisor

Donald J. Summers

Third Advisor

Richard Gordon


University of Mississippi

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In this work, we study the decays of heavy hadrons that contain the b quark. We study the decay modes B → D(*) τ-¯ʋ_τ Λb → Λc τ -¯ʋ_τ and B → Xc τ -¯ʋ_τ and analyze the effects of beyond the standard model new physics in various observables of these decay modes. This is important since the measurements of the decay B → D(*)τ -¯ʋ_τ deviate from the standard model predictions and this points to physics beyond the standard model. We also study CP violation in the angular distribution of the decay B → D*(→ Dπ) µ- ¯ʋµ and use it as a way to differentiate various new physics scenarios. Finally we focus on the muon (g - 2) anomaly and study a solution to this anomaly that relates it to all other B-meson anomalies. This leads to a lot of interesting signals that can be probed in the current and future experiments.



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