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Ph.D. in Chemistry

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Jared H. Delcamp

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Walter Cleland

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John M. Rimoldi


University of Mississippi

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With current energy demands being met through the utilization of energy sources such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal, the non-renewable nature of these sources will eventually approach depletion as world wide energy consumption increases yearly. As a result the need for a renewable energy alternative has become imminent. One appealing alternative that has gained considerable attention since its development due to a low cost and a high solar to electric conversion efficiency are dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs). This dissertation describes efforts to design and synthesize improved organic dyes utilizing three analogous methods: first, through decreasing non-productive pathways such as electron recombination, second, by promoting productive pathways such as dye regeneration and lastly, by expanding the UV-vis absorption of organic dyes to the near-infrared region (800 nm-1000 nm) of the absorption spectrum in order to utilize lower energy photons.

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