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M.C.J. in Criminal Justice

First Advisor

Kimberly A. Kaiser

Second Advisor

Francis Boateng

Third Advisor

Linda Keena


University of Mississippi

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There is limited research regarding the use of Confidential Informants and related programming, including a consensus of Best Practices of these programs. The information available regarding CI use and its programming is limited to agency-produced literature and minimal peer-revieresearch. The present study sought to utilize the limited information available to develop Best Practices of Confidential Informant Programs by conducting an analysis of available literature to identify themes and policies that were present in a majority of the literature. Additionally, the aforementioned Best Practices were used to perform deductive qualitative analysis of the written policies of a Confidential Informant program in a rural county in Mississippi that is considered to be high-functioning. The findings indicate that the host agency’s written policies did not completely adhere to Best Practices, and the results can be used to help the host agency determine what policies are not present to better equip their program.



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