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M.A. in Psychology

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James A. Jones

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Philip J. Rhodes

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Dawn Wilkins


University of Mississippi

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It is well documented that egocentric depth perception is underestimated in virtual reality more often than not. Many studies have been done to try and understand why this underestimation happens and what variables affect it. While this underestimation can be shown consistently the degree of underestimation can strongly differ from study to study, with as much as 68% to as low as 6% underestimation, Jones et al. (2011, 2008); Knapp(1999); Richardson and Waller (2007). Many of these same studies use blind walking as a tool to measure depth perception. With no standardized blind walking method for virtual reality existing differing blind walking methods may cause differing results. This thesis will explore how small changes in the blind walking procedure affect depth perception. Specifically, we will be examining procedures that alter the amount of ambient light that is visible to an observer after performing a blind walk.

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