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M.S. in Chemistry

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Gregory S. Tschumper

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Walter Cleland

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Steven Davis


University of Mississippi

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A recent computational analysis of the stabilizing intramolecular OH· · · O contact in 1,2-dialkyl-2,3-epoxycyclopentanol diastereomers has been extended to thiiriane, aziridine and phosphirane analogues. Density functional theory (DFT), second-order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory (MP2) and CCSD(T) coupled-cluster computations with simple methyl and ethyl substituents indicate that electronic energies of the cis isomers are lowered by roughly 3 to 4 kcal mol−1 when the OH group of these cyclopentanol systems forms an intramolecular contact with the O, S, N or P atom on the adjacent carbon. The results also suggest that S and P can participate in these stabilizing intramolecular interactions as effectively as O and N in constrained molecular environments. The stabilizing intramolecular OH· · · O, OH· · · S, OH· · · N and OH· · · P contacts also increase the covalent OH bond length and significantly decrease the OH stretching vibrational frequency in every system with shifts typically on the order of −41 cm−1 .

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