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M.A. in History

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Charles S. Sydnor

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O. A. Shaw

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The object of this thesis is to give not only a history correct as to fact, but also to paint a picture, or rather a series of pictures that shall pass before the reader in a chronological manner presenting a living panorama of the history of Grenada; its first settlers, customs, education, religion, achievements, disasters, and development from the time the Red Man was pushed back and the White Man entered, to the overflow of carpet-bag rule.

The pioneers of Grenada were a dauntless race of men with souls to dare all the dangers and difficulties of frontier life, in conquering the wilderness, for the glorious civilization that we today inherit and enjoy. It is my object to add a small bit to history by preserving the illustrious names and heroic deeds of Grenada's gallant sons, so that they will not die with our grandmothers and grandfathers. The younger generation should be interested and inspired by the incidents and stories of the early settlers, the deeds of valor, their fortitude and courage, the ideal social conditions and the lofty standard of honor, gallantry and far-famed hospitality that prevailed all over the South before the Civil War.



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