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M.A. in Sociology


Sociology and Anthropology

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Ana Velitchkova

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Kirsten Dellinger

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James M. Thomas

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This research looked at the interactions on online platforms of those people who are part of the miniature wargaming community. The goal of this study was to answer 1) Which masculinities are present and practiced within the miniature wargaming community, 2) What is the reason for the cohesion of the miniature wargaming community. I found support for different masculinities, such as geek masculinity, hegemonic masculinity, and domestic masculinity. These different masculinities have different aspects and some of these aspects were displayed in the miniature wargaming community, with no masculinity being presented in all aspects. I also found support for the theories on Field by Bourdieu, contributing to the cohesion of the miniature wargaming community because of the discussion of practicing, playing, and the competition of the game. While masculinity, and competition and cohesion are present and their presence can be explained by my findings, there is a part of the community where participants in the hobby of miniature wargaming have made their own space. This separate space which the community has made for themselves allows them to seemingly ignore certain aspects of both masculinity and competition.

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