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Ed.D. in Education

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Dr. John Holleman

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Amy E. Wells Dolan

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Dr. Laura Antonow

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The problem of practice for this dissertation will address the perceived deficiencies in the cultivation of workplace readiness and the projection of career success among former African-American football student-athletes at Southeastern Conference institutions. The focus of this dissertation in practice will be to examine the perceived lack of development of academic, social and psychological skills in order to achieve a successful transition from athletics to non-athletic careers. This study will identify the applicable career and academic developments, discussed and articulated by former African-American male football student-athletes, which directly influence their employability qualities. Manuscript two will review data generated from the semi-structured interviews that will be conducted in order to identify best-practices that were important in assisting these former student-athletes with their transition from collegiate athlete to early career success. Manuscript three will discuss non-athletic career development considerations for former African-American student-athletes and how universities could better prepare such students for non-playing careers. The various experiences, the relationships and programs that influence early career success and methods of implementation for scholastic frameworks will be discussed and explained within an institutional context.



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