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Ed.D. in Education


Teacher Education

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Michael Mott

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Kenya Wolff

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Lane Gauthier

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This study utilized a phenomenological approach to explore parent perspectives about kindergarten readiness. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 parents from a public preschool whose children were about to start kindergarten. The parents’ own kindergarten experiences were discussed as well as their perspectives and beliefs about what kindergarten readiness means as it relates to the preparation for and transition into kindergarten. Interview transcripts were analytically coded resulting in findings that were authentic and specific related to personal kindergarten recollections, kindergarten preparedness practices, and assumptions about preschool used as a kindergarten preparation tool. Findings answered the research questions providing specificity about how parents view kindergarten readiness, parent perceptions about preschool preparing children for kindergarten, and at-home preparation activities and behaviors parents engage in with their children prior to the beginning of kindergarten. The findings are informative and beneficial to practitioners, teachers, and stakeholders within education communities as the findings directly impact curriculum, instruction, and education practices within early childhood education.



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