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Ph.D. in English

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Leigh Anne Duck

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Deborah Barker

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Jamie Harker

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The Meat of the Gothic: Animality and Social Justice in United States Fiction and Film of the Twenty-First Century— situates twenty-first century US gothic narratives in relation to animal studies, even as it illuminates how these narratives interrogate the effects of historic and ongoing global systems of human oppression: slavery, imperialism, and capitalism. Instead of reacting to bias by asserting a claim to a humanity perpetually imbricated in divisions of class, race, and gender, present-day authors and filmmakers create characters who form communities that include nonhuman actors as a means of generating empowerment and critique. My approach to these narratives is informed by formal analysis; posthuman, ecofeminist, and postcolonial theoretical frameworks; and archival findings, which enable me to position contemporary gothic works in a tradition of activism around issues of citizenship.

Available for download on Thursday, December 14, 2023