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Ed.D. in Education



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Amy Wells Dolan

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Katie Busby

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Phillis L. George

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This study examined faculty socialization at the University of Mississippi regarding research and sponsored program administration through the lens of transformative learning. Participants were 10 tenure track faculty who had been employed at the University of Mississippi no less than one year, no more than seven years, and who had submitted a proposal to or been awarded by an external sponsor to support their research. This study uses a phenomenological design of inquiry where the researcher describes the lived experiences of individuals regarding a phenomenon as defined by the participants through semi-structured interviews. Findings suggested that sponsored research faculty perceived that (a) their doctoral education at the University of Mississippi had shaped their values, attitudes, and practices, (b) they were socialized to research through learning by doing, (c) mentorship was an integral part of socialization into research, (d) there were challenges to advancing their research as faculty members, (e) there were facilitators to advancing their research as faculty members and (f) the education and professional backgrounds of the research faculty had influenced their decision to join doctoral research. Findings are discussed in terms of themes contextualizing the socialization of faculty through a transformative learning lens.


Higher Education



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