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Ph.D. in Business Administration



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Eun-Kyong Choi

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Tanya Maren Ruetzler

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James Joseph Taylor

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This study investigated hotel guests’ attitude towards hotel vacation rentals and their purchase intention by applying consumption value theory (CVT) and in the perspective of brand extension. More specifically, this study was divided in to 2 parts in which the first study attempted to investigate how potential hotel vacation rentals guests’ consumption values would affect their purchase intention (PUR) and whether brand loyalty plays a moderating role between the relationships. The second study examined the role of consumer brand identity (CBI) as a success factor of brand extension and which factors have an influence on potential hotel rental guests’ attitude towards the extension (ATT) and leading to their purchase intention (PUR).

The results of study 1 have identified that among five consumption values which were functional value (FV), social value (SV), emotional value (EmV), epistemic value (EpV), and conditional value (CV), only SV, EmV, and CV had a positive significant impact on purchase intention of hotel vacation rentals. In addition, BL moderated the relationship between SV, EmV, and EpV and PUR. Study 1 contributes to the literature of CVT by being the first study to apply the theory in hotel vacation rentals and provide implications for practitioners.

Study 2 findings have indicated that perceived fit (PF) and perceived tie (PT) were positively influenced by CBI and onto ATT and PUR which indicates the CBI was an important antecedent in brand extension’s success. Additionally, parent brand conviction (PBC) and quality (PBQ) also had a significant impact on ATT which indicates that hotel parent brand’s experience was also an important factor in order for potential guests to have positive ATT towards hotel vacation rentals.



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