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Ed.S. in Educational Leadership



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Doug Davis

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Angus Mungal

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Ryan Niemeyer

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Academic failure and achievement gaps plague high-poverty school districts with majority-minority student populations. Culturally responsive pedagogy provides an opportunity for educators to bridge the gap caused by poverty and educational disparities. This applied research aimed to create a culture of teaching and learning that impacted student behavior and growth and proficiency in English Language Arts and math at a high poverty middle school. The eighth-grade teachers and students were exposed to this pilot program to increase teacher capacity in cultural responsiveness and increase student achievement. This applied research study utilized two action plan elements, which included professional development and implementation of culturally responsive pedagogy. Four research questions guided this study. The first question inquired about teachers’ perceptions after receiving the professional development. The second question explored teachers’ usage of culturally responsive teaching strategies and program integration in their lesson plans. The third question examined student behaviors and discipline as a result of program implementation. The fourth question evaluated enCase benchmark growth and proficiency in English language arts and math. In a collaborative effort with stakeholders, the findings of this research study support the need for culturally responsive pedagogy to be utilized as a strategy to improve the success of students in high-poverty schools.


Educational Leadership, K-12



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