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Ed.D. in Education



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Neal Hutchens

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Annettee Kluck

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Phillis George

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Americans are more college-educated today than at any point in history. Black Americans have experienced persistent inequities in higher education, especially in southern states. Alabama’s history of inequity, segregation, and lack of signature initiative to generate college access maintain and sustain gaps in higher education for Black Alabamians. Black students are especially underrepresented at the two flagship institutions in the state of Alabama. In a complex legal and political context, race-conscious efforts are often challenging to advance. This positions race-neutral efforts such as percentage plans as more viable in states such as Alabama. This study examines the application of the Florida Talented Twenty Program to the two flagship institutions to determine the extent Black admissions rate would increase across both institutions. For both institutions, the analysis found that the Black admissions rate would increase with little change to the academic profile of the Black students admitted. Though some of the analyses showed statistical and practical significance, results were limited based on available data to conduct analysis.


Higher Education

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